I am delighted to offer my services to co-create and perform a ceremony that will be meaningful for you.

I am passionate about marking life’s transitions with rituals.  We celebrate weddings and mourn the passing of loved ones however there are so many other times in our lives when a ritual would help give us the support to move through a stage in life.  Baby namings, pet memorials, coming of age ceremonies, veneration of our elders and house blessings are just a few of the myriad of ceremonies that I can co-create with you.

What is a Ritual? The prescribed order of a religious ceremony. A ceremonial act or performance of such acts. Another definition is: A ritual is a series of symbolic acts focused towards fulfilling a particular intention.

Why do we create ritual?

Rituals help us to grow, accept a new situation, they can challenge us and inspire us and they help us connect with our community. Rituals assist us to acknowledge transition, sometimes celebrating and sometimes grieving.

The minimum time required to integrate a life event is between one and two years.

To survive we have to be more capable than ever before to handle change.  Through the creation of personal or community ritual we can gracefully move through life transitions.

Rituals are like the guy wires of a tent – providing stable points that ground us so the rest of the tent can reach to the sky. The German mystic Novalis says “The seat of the soul is where the outer and inner worlds meet.” Ritual is the bridge between those two worlds and provides a way for us to reconnect with that soul place.LGBTQ_Flag_320px

I am proud to be part of a faith tradition that has celebrated unions and marriages of LGBTQ couples for the past four decades.